As one of the oldest restaurants in Cambridge, Charlie Chan Restaurant creates classical Chinese food the way it should be done - freshly prepared with quality ingredients.

Please be advised that we are currently undergoing the process of updating our menu, the original Set Menu D and the entire Zhimo Menu are currently unavailable. We will be having an updated version of our menu here shortly. 

Grouper in pot

Alternatively, why not try out some of our famous Dim Sum? 'To touch your heart', as it is literally translated, it is an apt description of the delicate, hand-made dumplings, buns and other items that make up the dim sum menu. The unique culinary art from Canton in southern China grew out of the tradition of 'yum cha', or tea drinking, practised at way stations for travellers who liked light, pick-me-up snacking.

Due to popular demand we now serve our home made Dim Sum throughout the day. All dishes from our Dim Sum menu are freshly made in our kitchen and served until 8:30 in the evening.